Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Catastrophe

Anyone remember this?

Well, the collection came out on the 5th.  I know I said I was going to be first line, but I underestimated my competition.  I should have learned from my mistake the last time I suppose.  Target opened at 8 am Sunday morning.  I got there around 10:30.  I thought I was early.

I was so wrong.  I was told people had lined up outside like it was Black Friday.

This collection was completely picked over.  There were probably less than 20 articles left, and of course none were my size.  I snagged one thing.  In a large.  I am not a large, but I tried it on, belted it, and it looked okay.
This is it people!

This is what I picked up.  It really is big, and there is a slight possibility that I will return it.  

I rushed home to check Target online.  Same story, nothing but larges and extra larges.  I checked eBay, remembering what happened with Missoni, and it was the same.  Tons of things on eBay, with the prices jacked way way up.  It is a bit ridiculous.  And I am very sad.

Did you get anything?  Were you one of the camper-outers that cleaned the stores out?


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