Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sunday Breakfast on Saturday

There is nothing like a Sunday morning breakfast.  A lot of people do big breakfasts or brunches on Sundays because they are the ultimate relax day.  Sundays are the days to sleep in and then lounge around in jammies all day.  Well, today is Saturday, but it is a special Saturday because it is also a snow day!  I decided to treat snow day Saturday as a Sunday and make myself some nice blueberry pancakes.

 The best pancake mix ever.

 I prefer soymilk over regular milk.

Whenever I am at the grocery store, I forget all about syrup.  In these situations, I like to drizzle some honey on my pancakes.  This is some of my favorite honey.  It is a little bit difficult to explain.  It's thicker than regular honey and it almost holds its shape, but it is easy to spread.  It's also creamier in consistency.  And most of all, it tastes awesome.

Blueberry pancake snowman to honor the weather.

They were quite delicious, and I still have some batter left over.  I guess tomorrow I can have an actual Sunday breakfast!


PS If you are interested in the honey, you can purchase it here.

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