Sunday, March 11, 2012

Makeup Update! 3.11.12

Woohoo! It's been, what, a week? I have already used up three things! Okay, okay, two are mascaras that went bad.  But it still counts! I went to Target to pick up a couple of things and spent at least 10 minutes trying to pick out a replacement mascara.  It was exciting to buy makeup.  And, yes, I am pathetic.  The other thing I used up was a chapstick.

So here is my deal with mascara.  I don't buy high end mascara.  I think it is a complete waste of money.  Drug store brands are just as good and a fraction of the price.  My lashes are fairly long naturally, so mascara is the last type of makeup I would want to splurge on.  I also tend to not buy the same type of mascara twice.  There are so many out there and I want to try them all!  The being said, the first mascara I "used up" is one that I have bought at least four times because I love it!

It's the Revlon Grow Luscious mascara.  This is a lengthening mascara, and it really works.  I don't know why there is not a lot of hype about this mascara because I love it.  The wand is huge, the formula is a really good consistency, and it doesn't clump.  It's amazing.  It's also great on the lower lashes.  I will probably end up buying this many more times despite my no repeats rule.

The other mascara I used is the L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara.  I feel like this one does get a  bit of hype, and I am going to have to disagree.  This isn't the worst mascara I've ever used, but I definitely don't love it.  The color is truly dark black, so they aren't lying about that.  (In case you don't know carbon black is supposedly the blackest black, so companies tend to play that up in marketing.)  This is obviously a volumizing mascara, which also is true, it does volumize.  However, I find the formula to be too wet for my taste, and it can get clumpy.  The brush is average shape and size.  Overall, it's not a favorite, but if you love it, more power to you!  I do really love the matte black and gold packaging though!

The last thing I used up, which I actually did use up the full product, is a lip balm/chapstick by Savannah Bee Company in Mint Julep.  (I also have Earl Grey.)  If you don't know, Savannah Bee Company is a company mostly known for their honey, but they also sell natural, organic body products.  I love this chapstick.  It's minty and moisturizes well.  I would definitely repurchase this if I found them at a retailer but I won't order them online.  (I originally got mine at a trade show type of thing where different vendors come and sell their products.)

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