Monday, January 23, 2012

A Lush Life- Golden Wonders

I have a confession to make.  I am hopelessly addicted to Lush products. 

It's a small problem... but Lush is just too good.  Every time I go shopping I have to stop in.  I can't resist its delicious smelling, earth friendly, self pamper-y goodness.  I am planning on doing a feature in which I review and discuss Lush products.  The first one that I am doing is the thing that inspired this feature.  I used it and I fell in love with it, and felt like I just had to share it.

It is the Golden Wonders bath bomb.  Before I get into how amazing this is, let me start by saying that unfortunately, this was a limited edition Christmas item and I did not get any of my own pictures of it.  (The above photo via google images.)  However, it may be available again next year.  Or maybe you have one sitting in your stash of Lush products.  Or maybe, just maybe, your Lush still has one... though I sort of doubt it.

Okay, so onto the product.  Firstly, this bath bomb is huge! I would say that the base of the present shape is the size of my palm, and it is probably about 2 and half inches tall.  Since it was so big, it was a little more expensive than most bath bombs.  I feel like I remember it being about 7 dollars.  I was initially planning on splitting it between two baths, but the bath bombs are just so crumbly, and I did not feel like dealing with all the hassle.  To me, this smells like smarties.  I normally really don't like candy or sugary scented things, but this wasn't too bad.

This is one of the "surprise" bath bombs, where there is something extra inside, which I didn't know when I bought it, so I was very excited and definitely surprised when I dropped it in my bath.  As you can see, the outside is a kind of pale yellow-y color.  The inside though, is a bright, royal blue, with some pink and green bits as well.  The water was mostly blue though.  But the best part of this was that there were tiny little gold stars in it!  At first I thought it was confetti, which I admit, although cute, would be such a hassle to clean up.  After a little while, though, I realized that they were dissolving and turning into shimmer.  They made the the water have gold shimmery streaks in it!  It was so exciting!  Maybe I am easily amazed, but it was pretty awesome. 

Image via google images
Overall this was the coolest bath bomb I have tried so far, without a doubt.  The stars-turned-shimmer are definitely what made this.  I wish the scent would have been a little less sugary, but it was still okay, and I loved how big it was (even though it was more expensive than most.)

Have you ever used this bath bomb?  Let me know if there is something from Lush you want me to check out!


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